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Wanna Know my Secret Just the girl next door with a secret. want to know what it is? I get naked on the internet and I love it. Everyday I get to explore sensuality and fetishes. Oh and best of all I get to tease. I have been bring real uninhibited sensuality to you since I started performing online since 2009.
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Asker canadians89 Asks:
How do I get a show with you?
staceyrday staceyrday Said:

yes  you can send me a message via  skype. my skype id is on my website.

however I am not doing cam show until after the 26 of dec 

I think I have a blood fetish.

I think I have a blood fetish.

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I feel that. /:

turn me  on or  maybe off

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MFC time! Blame the messy room on moving in 3 days ;)

Love, love, love!!! Where did you get this?!